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This diet wants you to avoid high Carbohydrate foods.

The Atkins low carb diet is the big diet craze these days. And why now, many people are losing a lot of weight with it. For many years we have been told to avoid fat and we will lose weight. This is a unique diet that goes against every diet tip in the past and it works. It WANTS you to eat fat. Eat all the fat and protein you want. Read our Atkins guide and learn how the diet works and how you can lose weight.

The key to a diet however is to eat the correct foods.
This diet wants you to avoid high Carbohydrate foods. However, there aren't a ton of recipes out there that cater to low carb diets. Now there is.

But where do you find out what you should and should not eat? There are tons of diet books out there but are they telling you the correct way? Well you came to the right website. With your purchase, you can receive an online file that gives you over 1000 Atkins based recipes.
These are just some of the categories of recipes that you will receive:

Salads & Dressings
Beef & other Meats
Cakes & Pies
Sauces & Dips
Buy now and you will also receive an Atkins' Diet guide and Carb counter.

Great for anyone interested in losing weight.

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Still don't think you can lose weight?
Well read are interview with one of the Atkin's success stories here:

An ATKINS Success Story talks candidly about her success...

Atkins answers
Name: Tinakaye S.
Age: 37 Height: 5' 5"
Before: 203 lbs. After: 122 lbs.
Weight Lost: 81 lbs.

Q: What was your greatest moment after you reached your goal?

Tinakaye's Answer:
In February of 2001 I celebrated reaching my goal weight at Victoria'sSecret. I went there because that's where thin, sexy, attractive women shop. I hadn't wanted to look at lingerie when I was overweight, but when I reached my goal, I marched into the store with my head held high.

Q: What was the turning point for you?

Holding my head up high hasn't always been easy. I was chunky growing up, and after having four kids (including a set of twins), I became obese.I developed hypoglycemia, and although I didn't require medication, my condition still made me feel weak and tired. My mental state was even worse. I struggled with bulimia and laxative abuse.
Atkins answers

Q: How did you lose the weight once and for all?

I tried other weight loss programs but never stuck to them long term.In January of 1998 I tried Atkins. I saw that people who'vebeen on Atkins long term really "got it" mentally. It slowly dawned on methat taking the weight off and keeping it off was a matter of choice. Aslong as I wanted to be thin, I had to stick to a controlled carb program and couldn't eat whatever I wanted once I'd lost weight.

With this new mind set, I finally got serious about my weight loss.It took me almost three years to lose 81 pounds, and now I feel really goodabout myself. These days I try to help other people with my own Website, I try to give support and information to others who followa controlled carb way of life. It's my way of saying thank you to Dr. Atkinsand all the other people who inspired me to make a lifelong change."

Q: How did you lose weight, once and for all?

Because I had done so much yo-yo dieting, I found the only way for me to lose was to stay on Induction. I never went above 20 grams of carbs a day until I reached Lifetime Maintenance. Even now I never consume more than50 grams a day. I started weight training three times a week and cardio two or three times a week. I lost 4 pounds after I joined the gym, going from140 to 136 pounds. But the weight loss doesn't tell the whole story. I lost3 inches from my waist, which made an enormous difference. And I've kept it up.

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